Who We Are

WANDERTOGETHER is not just me, and it isn’t just Abbi. It is both of us, and we both have our own skills and backgrounds that we are bringing to this blog, and our other work – and, not least of all, our lives together. Here’s a little bit more about us both.


Photographer, Pilot, Writer, Creator, Entrepreneur

Nick started ‘The Roaming Pilot’ blog and related pages (FB and IG) several years ago to showcase his travels and photography. He is a commercial pilot, and former professional photographer. An avid traveler, and learner, Nick is always seeking experience and knowledge and looks at travel as a means of personal growth and connection with the world around him. Every country, every town, every moment builds and adds to his story. Nick likes to avoid the mainstream tourist flow and build trips loaded with adventure, immersion, and off the beaten path.

Email us: nickabbi2019@gmail.com


Muse, Mom, Model, Social Media Strategist, Business Manager, Content Creator, Sales Expert

Abigail is a powerhouse of business strategy, marketing, and sales – bringing her years of expert, top-level, experience into the ‘WanderTogether’ blog and IG account. She’s been bitten by the same travel bug that bit Nick and wants to check off countries and experiences as fast as they can. Extroverted and outgoing, Abbi handles a lot of the external communication for the Travel Couple pages and is growing her skill base as a social media manager and digital nomad.

Email us: nickabbi2019@gmail.com

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