No Really I Insist (Nov 20)

“Only offer something you’re willing to part with entirely.” – Nick Henderson Funny story, the cook on this boat doesn’t speak a word of English. But I know that if I want to be happy, than he needs to be happy. The other morning we did a fairly lengthy morning pre-flight and work on theContinue reading “No Really I Insist (Nov 20)”

Groundhog Day is a real thing. (Nov 19)

We all, ok well – most of us, remember the movie Groundhog Day. I’m kind of stretching the term “remember” to work here because I only saw it once and I was a kid, and I don’t recall much of it except that he kept waking up and it was the same day over andContinue reading “Groundhog Day is a real thing. (Nov 19)”

The Chicken Bone Theory (Nov 18)

“If the cook is not fat, the food is not good.” –Nick Henderson I know, some people might think that it is a big arrogant to quote oneself, especially when my readership is still only in its infancy. But I’m thinking that I’ll produce a book of proverbs out here on the ocean, so IContinue reading “The Chicken Bone Theory (Nov 18)”

Operation: Tuna Pilot vs Operation: Iraqi Freedom (Nov 17)

Operation: Tuna Pilot vs Operation: Iraqi Freedom Ok – it seems weird to even compare the two but I think this will help me explain a bit of what life is like out here. I lived in a small room in a metal container in Iraq, out here, I live in a small bunk, inContinue reading “Operation: Tuna Pilot vs Operation: Iraqi Freedom (Nov 17)”

The good and bad of Korean food, or getting my sea legs. (Nov 15)

Fresh air, wind, motion, oh my god how will I land in this if this is a “nice” day? (Update: It’s actually not as bad now that I’m doing it.) Getting my Sea Legs Today we left Suva, and began to sail to the fishing grounds. Whatever that means, I really have no idea whereContinue reading “The good and bad of Korean food, or getting my sea legs. (Nov 15)”

Expect the unexpected.

Today I was told to be ready for pickup from my hotel by 7am. I was downstairs, checked out and sitting waiting patiently like a good on time soldier in the army. 15 minutes early. That was a mistake. For two reasons, one – I’m on Fiji and nothing here runs on anything other thanContinue reading “Expect the unexpected.”

The Waiting Game

Be prepared to be patient when you get out here. They make it sound like everything is a hurry up and go no culture, but in listening to all these tales from other tuna pilots I seemed to forget that we are on Island time over here. Things are very much done at the paceContinue reading “The Waiting Game”

A once-in-a-lifetime flight (Gallery)

There are so many things that I want to do as a helicopter pilot. The list seems to grow every day, with every photo I see, magazine I read, or friend I make in the industry. They all have uniqueness to them, and the dynamic of our industry just grows and abounds in front ofContinue reading “A once-in-a-lifetime flight (Gallery)”