Flying Fish and Zombie Kills (Dec 24)

We aren’t just catching tuna out here, that isn’t the way the ocean works. When we cast our nets inevitably we will get some other species of fish. With the exception of some fish the crew deem not worthy of eating, which isn’t very many, most of the by-catch gets carved up into sashimi orContinue reading “Flying Fish and Zombie Kills (Dec 24)”

Nick Henderson and his Airborne Telephone Service (Dec 23)

Do ship to ship radio communication problems have you down? Are your fellow Captains just not receiving you? Need a lift in your transmission capacity and your spirits? Look no further, I give you my very own Airborne Telephone Service! That’s right, for just a bit over $13 per minute you can make all theContinue reading “Nick Henderson and his Airborne Telephone Service (Dec 23)”

Something About this Morning (Dec 22)

We were drifting all night, waiting to set early in the morning on a “payow” that had shown a particularly large amount of fish on the sonar two days earlier when we found it. The raft and buoy themselves were covered in shells and sea life, and we could see fish swimming in and outContinue reading “Something About this Morning (Dec 22)”

We’re in the Solomons (Dec 19)

Well, more or less. Yesterday the Captain decided to make the move from the Tuvalu fishing grounds to the Solomon fishing grounds because there just wasn’t any tuna where we were. Later I found out that the entire Dong Won fishing fleet had already made that move, so it sounds like our Captain was gamblingContinue reading “We’re in the Solomons (Dec 19)”

The Loudness of a Dull Thud (Dec 17)

The Loudness of a Dull Thud I can hear the hull smashing against the waves outside, the bow cuts through the swells with a dull thud. A thumping noise that you might think doesn’t sound too bad, but then I remember that I am literally the furthest person away from the bow and if IContinue reading “The Loudness of a Dull Thud (Dec 17)”

Goooood Morning, South Pacific! (Dec 15)

The street was lined on both sides by tall old trees and dotted by cars parked randomly in front of houses on either side of the road. Remnants of cobblestones from an early time could be seen as patchwork beneath the asphalt. Green rich grassy yards with fences gave way to brick and wood VictorianContinue reading “Goooood Morning, South Pacific! (Dec 15)”