Ramen (Jan 9)

It has been a few days since my last post dedicated to The Roaming Pilot specifically, I’ve been working on something else. I had a lot of people on facebook asking me for tips and pointers or guidance on the tuna pilot thing, some even asked me to write a guide. So – that isContinue reading “Ramen (Jan 9)”

The Sea God…King…something (Jan 6)

After today’s transfer and demo flight and getting settled into my accommodations my mechanic and I fashioned a shelf for my bunk so that I could have a place for my laptop. The rest of the day was spent not doing much, as there was no need for flying. They closed the tower (observation andContinue reading “The Sea God…King…something (Jan 6)”

The Difference Between Ships (Jan 5)

I’m guilty of thinking that there was some sort of standard of operating procedures on tuna boats no matter who owned the boat or where it was based. I mean of course there is, a common rank structure and the work is more or less the same, but sociologically each boat I’ve boat I’ve beenContinue reading “The Difference Between Ships (Jan 5)”

Merry Christmas from the Pacific Ocean! (Dec 25)

I’m going to keep this one short, I’m cueing up The Polar Express on my laptop to watch since it’s family tradition, but today is Christmas and I wanted to share a brief post with you all. I’ve got to remember to thank my friend Whitney (source of about 3 TB of movies) for havingContinue reading “Merry Christmas from the Pacific Ocean! (Dec 25)”