The Roaming [Drone] Pilot

In 2016 when I returned to the USA from flying HEMS in Kuwait I found myself in the middle of a hiring downturn in the helicopter industry. Fueled in part by necessity (gotta pay them bills, yo) and part practicality I founded my own drone company called Aerial Resources Group, LLC. The goal being toContinue reading “The Roaming [Drone] Pilot”

Moyie Mud-Bogs (Video)

Happy Mudders Day! Living in North Idaho comes with many perks, we have rolling mountains and sprawling wilderness areas that will keep even the most intrepid outdoorsmen sated when it comes to an appetite for adventure. World class fishing in our lakes, rivers, and streams attract traveler from around the world – and a relativelyContinue reading “Moyie Mud-Bogs (Video)”

The National WWII Museum – New Orleans, LA

I’ve finally wrapped up my training and am flying home for a much needed 2-3 weeks of rest and relaxation before the real work begins. I booked the first flight home that made sense (time + route + stops + cost) out of New Orleans for late in the afternoon, and prepared. When I hadContinue reading “The National WWII Museum – New Orleans, LA”

HAI’s HELI-EXPO 2015 (part 1)

Last year I tried to keep summaries for each day of HeliExpo and post them up here, that would end up proving to be a really tough task. It was my first HeliExpo and I made the naive mistake of thinking that I would have anything that resembled free time during the week. My daysContinue reading “HAI’s HELI-EXPO 2015 (part 1)”

The Kitchen is NOW OPEN (Jan 21)

The Kitchen is Now Open Apparently even in the middle of the ocean and thousands of miles away from the nearest port there isn’t much job security. Today I had a passenger to transfer from our boat to another boat, the ships cook. Well, former cook. Last week I could hear the Captain going onContinue reading “The Kitchen is NOW OPEN (Jan 21)”

Skunked, also…Economics of the High Seas (Jan 16)

I transferred to this boat, the Shilla Jupiter, on the 6th. It had already been at sea for a week at that point and when I came aboard I eventually got around to asking the fisheries observer how much tuna we had onboard already – the answer was that in the week they’d been sailingContinue reading “Skunked, also…Economics of the High Seas (Jan 16)”

The Fine Traditions of Korean Drinking (Jan 12)

Today was one of those days that you know you just aren’t going to fly during. The crew know it, and the officers know it because the boat is moving from one fishing ground to the next on the chase of what has been lately elusive tuna. In the high seas you aren’t allowed toContinue reading “The Fine Traditions of Korean Drinking (Jan 12)”