Now Begin the Cabo Vacation (and WEDDING) Posts!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, so here it is! That’s right, you guessed it, our blog posts about Mexico! While we were in Mexico we did A LOT and now that we have the time we’re actually able to put pen to paper and write a bit about our time down there. Coming up soon (ok, next post) will be a “Tips and Tricks” for going to Cabo post, and in that I will also cover the MUST DO activities that we did while we were there. I plan on a few posts after that to focus on the @wandertogether208 instagram side of our time in Mexico – so keep tuned, because I’m just getting started! LET’S GO TO MEXICO!

Planning for this trip began, like all of our trips, months before we departed with research. I had been to Cabo several times in past years, but this was the first time that Abbi was making the trip AND it was the first trip for our kids out of the country too! So there were a few moving pieces to plug in. Additionally this trip began as a family vacation for my family, my parents, my sisters, and their families were joining us; and then, as if there wasn’t enough to plan and coordinate Abbi and I decided to ALSO get married while we were down in Mexico. Suffice to say, my planners plate was full!

Flash forward to November – the plans are made, Instagram, TripAdvisor, Google, and more have all been scoured for recommendations, reviews, photos, inspiration, and we’ve plugged in the things we like and want to do into our master plan. Things like cooking classes, excursions, swimming, touristy stuff like pirate shows and dolphin swimming for the kids – everything was set and ready.

For the first week Abbi and I were staying at the Villa del Palmar, fairly close to the heart of Cabo San Lucas. They had been running a special when we were making our plans, and the addition of a second week in Mexico called for an affordable place. After that we were moving to the Hacienda del Mar, further up the coast – where my parents have been owners for nearly a decade. The Hacienda del Mar is familiar to me, it is beautiful, well appointed, and would be a perfect venue for Abbi and I to get married.

The format for this series of blogs is something that I have gone back and forth on a lot. Initially when I began writing this post it started out as what would have become a lengthy and detailed account of everything we did while we were down there. The unfortunate nature of writing a blog post months after the trip is that the details tend to fade away. I’m still working on striking a balance between being a family man now and wanting to spend as much time with Abbi and the kids, and when exactly I have time to sit down and write, or edit video and photos, that doesn’t feel like I’m taking away from us. That being said – obviously I chose to just be in the moment in Mexico with my family, and thus we are here now, so I will go a different way with these next few posts. I’ve opted to write a bit more of a “summary” of our trip and highlight specifically the “what you SHOULD do” while in Cabo points. Those posts are on that way! For now, here are some photos from the travel day taking us down to Cabo! Enjoy, and see you in the Tips, Tricks, and Must-Do’s post coming next!

Me, Abbi, and the kids all loaded up on our 6am flight to Cabo!
The boy monkeying around at the gate like his dad (me, whoa!) used to when I was his age
Helping her old man (me, again whoa!) count the planes at KSLC
The boy, glued to the window after take-off
I can’t believe he fell asleep like this!
We made it to Mexico! These kids are officially INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS!
First order of business – Margaritas! And strawberry smoothies for the kids!
After a long day, including shopping and making dinner – it was time to relax with a night swim at our hotel.

My parents flew in on the next flight right behind us so we opted to wait for them to land before headed to our separate resorts. After a round of margaritas at the airport (which arguably has some of the better margaritas around when compared to what the hotels have) we were off to start a two week long adventure!

The next blog post from me will be the summary of Cabo with our MUST DO tips for while you are there. If you’re going to Cabo soon – this will be the blog post for you!

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