Delta Terminal E Sky Club (Pics)

When I have a long layover somewhere, especially when I’m going international, I have no problem paying a day fee to access a club. Free food and drink alone cover the cost – it’s the amenities beyond those that make it worthwhile. Such as quite, comfortable seats, more outlets than people, dedicated work spaces, and here in terminal E, showers and a spa. Check it out.

The entry to the Sky Club in Terminal E

Dedicated work spaces

Full bar service

Great design for meetings and relaxing

Top notch food and drink.

For me it’s worth the $60. If I had stayed in the terminal I’d have no doubt had dinner and drinks while waiting for my flight, let’s conservatively estimate dinner and 2 drinks would have run me $30 in the terminal. That brings my lounge cost down to $30.

In the terminal I’d have fought for access to outlets, in the lounge I have my pick of any number of them. That’s worth…$10 right? Lounge access is now only $20.

What about those cheap, painful, often stained and dirty seats in the terminal? Not cool – when there’s an array of comfy sofas, recliners and cocoons just a few gates down. Upgraded seats…easily worth another $10. Lounge cost: $10.

Let’s not forget this lounge has ultra fast wifi, showers, coffee machines, a spa, and a calming atmosphere – I’d pay $10 for that.

Lounge cost after figuring out the worth of everything I get in here? $0. Justified expense.

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Nick Henderson is an FAA rated commercial pilot, world traveler, blogger, podcaster, photographer, and all-around good guy. His love of travel, adventure, food, and fun has taken him around the world and back again.

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