Perks of Living International – Tailors

So, admittedly there are some pretty awful things about not being home in the United States. My friends and family are all back there and I miss the hell out of them. However – that being said, there is too much amazingness in this world to NOT travel and live abroad. I’m going to start writing a bit about the perks of living abroad, to include tech and food and anything else that strikes my fancy. 

So, last month I got an invitation to come back to the United States and speak at an event, which I had been debating on attending anyways – this was the catalyst I needed to push me out the door. I readily agreed and began making my preparations for the trip. One thing that I did not bring with me when I moved over here was any sort of business attire. I had some polo shirts and button-ups but nothing to the degree of a full bore suit.

Unlike in most Western countries where getting a suit is an insanely expensive process, making it somewhat exclusive and driving the rest of us to the off the rack stuff that fits oh-so poorly, when you get abroad the professional tailor is a dime a dozen. Kuwait is no exception to that rule, and on good authority and with high praise and reviews I set about to getting my suits made. If you have the chance, while traveling or living abroad, go get a suit made – you’ll spend a fraction of what you would in the US and get a top grade suit.

Without getting into details I’ll speculate and give an approximate price for you all. I met with my tailor, he measured me from shoulder to heel and around once or twice before telling me how much fabric I needed for a suit, and how much I needed for shirts. With measurements in pocket I headed out into the textile sales area and picked up some nice summer weight wools for the suit and some shirt material, then returned to the tailor and dropped off my goods.

He told me to be back in a week for a second fitting, the photos here are from that because I didn’t think to take pictures of the start of the process. Essentially they got all the panels in place, the jacket and pants were mostly made, and they took a dozen more measurements. We talked about liners, and finishes, brought this in, shortened that, getting the dimensions all finalized.

Then, again, I was told to come back in one week. The final suits will be ready in a few days and I can’t wait to see them, try them on, and then share some pictures with you here. I’m going to be bringing them both with me to the US for my speaking engagement and for the rest of the trip. Anyways, here are some pics from the fitting.

All in, for two suits and a handful of shirts I paid less than one off the rack suit from a major mens suit store in the US would charge me to tailor one to my frame. Hand made, custom tailored. So nice.

The “FITWELL” Tailor. We’ll see how well they fit in a few days!

Getting some final marks done

So – I realize the jacket and pants are two colors, one from each suit, to give the other contrast and make it easier to see where we needed to take things in.

Here is where all the work happens – these guys just never stop it seems like. They’re busy too, all those jackets on the wall belong to someone

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