Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (Pics + VIDEO!!)

I’ve been saying that I was going to catch up on my blog for some time now, but today I finally decided to at least knock out a few of the posts I’ve got waiting in the wings. For my, two…is it even two…followers. The thing with blogging is that unless you’re consistent (like I was during the Tuna Pilot days) your readership falls off faster than frat pledges on initiation night.

Speaking of college grade antics and shenanigans I recently (as in last year in October) spent a couple weeks in Cabo San Lucas. Which is now, by far, my favorite “close to home” tropical getaway. All the sun, sand, and fun you could possibly want, and it’s a short flight from home. 

Seriously though if you haven’t considered Cabo for a trip destination than you’re missing out. I feel like after it got hit hard by that hurricane two years ago they’re still in the recovery phases of getting tourism back into town. However, tourism is something like a billion dollar industry in Cabo, so it isn’t suffering too much.

Since this blog is soooooooo far gone I’m going to keep this short, sweet, post photos and some tips.

  1. Rent a car. Cabo is easy enough to drive around in, parking is mostly free or mostly cheap, and it will make life so much easier. Plus, having a car makes little safaris out from Cabo proper a possibility – like driving up to Los Cerritos Surf Club for breakfast and coffee. You’ll thank me.
  2. There is a little taco place you need to go to regardless of what your dining plans are. Asi y Asado is an open air, plastic chair, home owned taco shop and you’ll find no better tacos in Cabo. Hands down. Try the mango salsa and get a Vampiro.
  3. Patagonia is an Argentinian steak house and they are exceptional. Coal and wood grills, steaks are glorious. Not many options there, just what meat do you want and how long should they put it next to the fire really.
  4. If you want to have a world class experience dining go to El Matador in San Jose del Cabo. Owned by an actual Matador he and his daughters are there every night and if you ask nicely – he’s more than happy to get his capes and swords out and demonstrate bull fighting techniques.

OK this is turning into a food blog. Enough of that. Other notes, the best place to watch sports is downtown at the Baja Cantina in the Marina. We were there during the NFL season and they had all the games. We also got the NZ v Australia world cup rugby game while we were there which was awesome! #allblacks!

Cabo was a really quick trip with my parents. They go every year, it was my first time. I didn’t get out much to see the party side of Cabo (read: at all) because I was more inclined to wake up at 4 and watch the sunrise and then climb a mountain with my drone and film. OOH! Good idea, I’m going to include a drone video from the time share property we were at (Hacienda del Mar) that I made. Ok. Pictures and video.


The morning view from one of the many hot tubs

View from my Uncle’s house of the Pacific side of Cabo.

The infinity pool sits on a cliff some 500′ above the beach.

My Uncle, Aunt, Mom, Dad, and I after a long day fishing

Speaking of fishing, the fish inspector boarded our boat on the way back into Cabo

Watching the All Blacks win the World Cup! This is the Baja Cantina, go here for all sports needs.

The surf at Los Cerritos beach club

You’re looking at all the tables this place has to offer. Small shack on the beach that does a killer breakfast and a passable cup of coffee too.

Sunset from my Villa. May not be on the beach, but you can see it from here.

(Excuse the potato quality photo) Courtyard dining at El Matador in San Jose del Cabo. This place, I can’t recommend it more. It is a MUST dine venue.

Inside dining of El Matador. We were there in the end of October and the weather was perfect for sitting outside and eating.

Everything we ordered was made fresh, as we ordered it. The grill? Smack dab in the middle of the room so you can see everything. Top marks.

Woke up early to take my drone up to that lighthouse WAAAAYYYY in the distance.

And I found this amazing courtyard at the top!

Took the drone down to the Marina to film the shotgun start of the Tuna Derby they had going on.

By far one of my favorite dinner places in Cabo.

Because steak.

Steak and and a very late night cigar – celebrating in the way that we do.

Live band and light show at the pool. Great way to wrap things up.

The last photo I took in Cabo, boarding Alaska Airlines to fly home. I will be back. This place is a favorite – I give it 10/10 for vacation destinations.

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