Guest Blogger: Jen’s 10 Goals for 2014

After I posted my 10 goals for 2014 I asked some other people what their goals were. It took them a short while to get back to me (and they all haven’t yet) but to kick off my guest blogger posts I wanted to start with one of their goal sets. 

This comes from Jen, my younger sister, who is also a world traveler. We’ve been to a lot of the same countries and then we each have our own additions to the travel book thingy…oh yeah…passport. She’s not a roaming pilot like I am, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have wander bug like the rest of us. I’m still interested in hearing more peoples big goals this year.  SO SEND THEM TO ME. 

My sister Jen in the Philippines Island Hopping around Samal.
My sister Jen in the Philippines Island Hopping around Samal.

Tomorrow I’ll try and get my regularly scheduled blog post online as well. With AWESOME PICTURES. 

2014 Goals:

Much like my brother, resolutions are simply something that I don’t do; that mindset was a promise I made myself at the start of last year (2013) and honestly it was a great decision. Instead following a similar mindset to Nick’s; the mindset that if you set goals instead of an open ended “idea”, success is much more likely. So I am happy to say that my 2013 dreams have now been jotted down in ink and therefore have become my 2014 goals and here they are. You’re the first to read them. 

10. Get to below 20% body fat – Statistically women shouldn’t go below 20%, and I accept this. For the longest time I had a very negative perception of food, and came from a five year struggle with an unhealthy habit to enjoying the benefits of EATING CLEAN. I’ve taken on an athletic mindset and am considering all of the opportunities that are being presented to me the more fit I get, like figure competitions, boxing, MMA, all of it seems possible, and these activities are what are going to get me to that goal of being below 20% body fat.

9. Start a new hobby – I am constantly questioned about what my “hobbies” are, and honestly I have to say I don’t actually have a lot. Usually my response is running, but that has changed from a hobby to a way of life. Hobbies are great because it helps to balance out different aspects of life, too often people are consumed with work, and don’t take the time for themselves and this is where hobbies are great. I know I put a lot of emphasis into school and work that I forget about the things that could balance me out, but 2014 is a year of making things happen, and a new hobby is going to contribute to a well balanced life.

8. See a new place – My ultimate goal would be Antarctica, but until I get some monetary support that will be on the back burner for a while. Right now I feel it is important to be culturally astute and embrace the different facets of the world. There is so much to see and do, and there are so many people that are limited by their beliefs that they are missing out on all the beautiful things the world has to offer. The Taj Mahal in India, Eifel Tower in Paris, Sistine Chapel, Prague, Moscow, Vietnam , Cambodia, Nepal, The Dominican Republic, Brazil – and that’s to name just a few. The point is there is so much to explore, and every New Year is an opportunity to see somewhere NEW.

7. Volunteer More – During my time living in Arizona I spent my weekends volunteering at the local dog shelter. While it broke my heart that all these doggies didn’t have homes it warmed my soul that I gave them some love, and that alone was worth it. I have a deep love for animals and although I donate I just feel that is not enough and I wish I could save them all, but spending some quality time with them will help for now. I want to give more time to these precious animals so even for a day they can feel the warmth and love of a human being that cares for all the fur babies out there.

6. Read More – Last year I spent my time consumed with school books and operating manuals that when it came time to read for fun, I just didn’t. I feel that reading (outside of school and work) helps to also encourage balance and wellbeing, and now is the time to be more balanced, and that means more personal reading, I already have books lined out to start: Escape from Davao, Traitor, Tebow, and another booked based during WWII on Papua New Guinea – but the title eludes me.

5. Run a Marathon – After getting back into running for fun, I fell in love with running to the point that I love racing. I did a lot of 5k’s, a few 8k’s, couple 10k’s and two ½ marathons last year, and it just filled me with joy, so 2014 I am going to run my first marathon.

4. Breaking down personal limitations –I noticed that there are times when I won’t do something and I will say “because I don’t want to” – well that’s not a real good reason. So from now on that cannot be an excuse, because I believe that fear holds people back and limits their potential – and I’m still young so let’s grow.

3. Embrace the Stock Market – As I am embracing adulthood and everything that comes with it, I have taken a liking to the stock market, finances, equity and all those little ins and outs. I know such a small portion that I want to dedicate this year to developing a greater understanding so that I can get the stock market to work for me.

2. Find Balance – Tony Robbins made a great point with putting different aspects of your life into a wheel with each piece making up part of the wheel, well my wheel usually only had two and a half pieces ( Work and School and the half piece for health). I’ve lost a lot of friends, tarnished relationships and have not been committed to health as I want to be, now is the time to balance my life, and make sure that my wheel has balanced pieces.

1. Stop with the Negativity – From five years ago to now, my mindset about positive thinking has changed a lot, however there are times where I find myself just in a horrible mood, well  NO MORE. I find myself miserable and regretful every time I act that way, and I constantly ask “why did I do that?”, well if I stop I wouldn’t feel that way, so in the year of making it happen – It will be done in a positive manner!


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